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The ENOX tunnel monitor measures the concentration of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) within an ambient environment such as road, rail, meterological or other industrial application. These measurements can be used as part of an air quality management system for ventilation control within a traffic tunnel or other confined space.


  • Designed for in-situ monitoring in tunnels or similar confined spaces

  • Proven electrochemical measurement of (NO2)

  • High accuracy intelligent gas detector with pre-calibrated sensing modules

  • Sensitive at low gas concentrations with high range capability and excellent stability

  • Backlit LCD display providing clear sensor information and diagnostic data

  • Compatible with BS EN 50545-1:2011



  • Cost effective fixed sensor solution

  • Rugged and reliable, with ingress protection to IP65

  • Easy to install, commission and operate with an excellent reliability record

  • Plug-in sensor modules for quick and simple replacement

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