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Our Services

ATA provides a range of end-to-end solutions in Professional Engineering Services, catered specifically for the ICT, Telecommunications, Energy and M&E sectors


ATA offers solutions to accommodate the needs of all your projects, providing project management and consulting services and solutions that encompass project customisation and implementation planning; giving supportive and promising guidance to Clients during the project period. 

Telecommunication Sector

Telecommunication Sector

Project Management and Consultation

  1. Project design, consultancy, approval and implementation

  2. Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) compliance management

  3. Site acquisition and permitting (site surveys, approvals, etc.)

  4. Implementation Strategy, material sourcing and inventory management

  5. Project cost, implementation timeline, and quality management, Risk Management, Process Reporting, Quality Inspection and Site Audits.

Wireless, Transmission, Networks and Satellite Equipment Technical Implementation

  1. Installation and commissioning of service provider’s core network.  

  2. Converting legacy networks to new generation networks.

  3. Perform deployment of active equipment.

  4. Safety dismantles and removes network elements.

  5. Keep the necessary documentation and records.

Base Station and Data Centre site construction c/w supply, Fabrication and Installation

  1. Full Turn-Key Solution.

  2. Design and Engineering support.

  3. Civil, Mechanical and Electrical (CME) supply and installation.

Technical Site Survey with Reports and Drawings

  1. Feasibility studies and survey services.

  2. Line of sight surveys (LOS).

  3. Site extension analysis.

  4. Preparing site designs.

  5. Generating site survey report and drawing.

Script writing, configuration, integration, testing and commissioning for Telco Equipment

  1. Network integration on site and off site (RNC & BSC).

  2. Network capacity auditing and speed testing.

  3. Third-party quality auditing for passive fixed and mobile network elements.

Outside Plant (OSP) Implementation

  1. Local loops installation and commissioning including cables or fiber laying, junction boxes, load colts, and other structures.

  2. Structured cabling service of copper and fiber connectivity.

  3. Micro-Trenching, Grass-Verge, Aerial and Carriage-Way implementation method

  4. Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) service

FTTH Network Implementation

  1. Design fiber-optic transmission.

  2. Fiber Transmission Service.

  3. Fiber optic transmission maintenance.

Telco Tower Base Station New Site Construction and Upgrading

  1. Site Acquisition

  2. Site survey and drawing

  3. Maintenance plan development service.

  4. Tower Maintenance Service.

  5. Tower Design Service.

  6. Green Field Tower service.

Managed Services

  1. 24/7 maintenance service team.

  2. Periodical Examination and Maintenance on the system.

  3. Keep eye on the system to ensure its working smoothly.

  4. Analyzing the problem and assisting MNOs to resolve breakdown issue.

  5. Back up equipment and material for breakdown issue.

  6. Documentation of occurred issue for future reference.

Network Optimization

  1. Drive test and walk test

  2. Working on Base Transceiver Station (BTS) to build efficiency network

  3. Analyzing and planning on the network frequency.

  4. Working on Network Coverage for In-Building such as indoor analyzing and implementation.

Energy & M&E Sector

Energy and M&E Sector

Energy Efficiency Services

  1. Energy Audit and Analytical Reporting Services

  2. Energy Project Design, Consultancy, Approval and Implementation

  3. Energy Project Feasibility Studies (Return of investment, capital investment, etc)

  4. Implementation Strategy, Material Sourcing and Inventory Management

  5. Renewable Energy Solutions: Solar, Wind, etc

  6. Energy Management Services towards Building, Industrial and Telecommunication

Project Management and Consultation

  1. Project Management and Consultation

  2. Project design, consultancy, approval and implementation

  3. Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) compliance management

  4. Implementation Strategy, material sourcing and inventory management

  5. Project costing, implementation timeline, quality management, risk management, process

  6. Reporting, quality inspection and site audits. Energy Audit and Management

Power, Control and Automation System

  1. PLC and SCADA Control System Designing, Upgrading and Retrofitting

  2. Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Motor Control and Automation (Inverter, Soft-starter, Auto-transformer, etc)

  3. Control and Power System Design c/w Switchboard Fabrication

  4. Switchgear, Transformer, UPS and Generator Services

  5. Electrical Network Protection, Busduct and Cabling Services

Fire Protection and HVAC System

(Heating, Ventilating & Air-Conditioning)

  1. Air-conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation Systems

  2. Firefighting and Protection System

  3. Plumbing and Sanitary Services

  4. Bomba, Local Authority and other bodies inspection and approval

  5. System Corrective and Preventive Maintenance

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