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Advance Technologies Asia Sdn. Bhd. (ATA) has grown steadily since its inception in 2007. Throughout its ten-year history, ATA has grown and successfully expanded its operations. 


We at ATA provide specialised Engineering Services to the ICT and technologically-inclined industries; combining the wealth of experience and expertise of each of our respective members. Our longstanding reputation and experience in these industries enabled us to deliver versatile and competitive one-stop solutions for all our clients in a rapidly-changing technological landscape.



About Us


Our Vision - to provide global innovative and reliable Engineering solutions for the ICT and technology-driven industries, delivering outstanding project management solutions to our clients.

Our Mission - Change is part of ATA’s organisational DNA and is firmly set to be a part of the global dynamics in years to come. Therefore, we at ATA will continue to focus and concentrate on “The Three Elements for Growth and Transformation.”


  1. Develop and create unique Engineering solutions for ICT and technology-driven industries; meeting the needs of society. 

  2. Establish close relationships and work committedly with our strategic partners and loyal clientele.

  3. Expand our footprint globally - starting with Asia - by providing high-level solutions and services to key industries. 

Our Vision & Mission


ATA takes pride in how it conducts business accepting responsibility and accountability for all of its dealings and decisions that impact all stakeholders including, customers, management, staff, and trade partners.


Community Focus 

  • ATA operates as behind-the-scenes party for their clients, operating in building advanced connectivity with the aim to enhance individual’s lifestyle and communication.

  • With advanced connectivity in rural and urban areas brings a higher GDP growth for the country, creating more opportunity along the way.


Green focus

  • Building an improved connected world to reduce business travel; optimising CO2 emission.

  • Reducing energy consumption through innovative ideas, superior services and renewable energy implementations.

Our Core Values
Our Pillars


For the past 10 years, ATA has embarked on a journey to grow steadily into a successful corporation that builds and focuses on the strong foundations of philosophy quality, safety and efficiency. With the help of our top management and staff members we are able to accomplish this and achieve our goal. We pride ourselves in having an excellent board of directors and staff members whose outstanding leadership skills, efficiency and loyalty serve well in driving our company to success.

(Left to right)

Oscar Chai Jing Kang, Deputy Project Director of Advance
Ong Keng Yong, Managing Director of Advance
Leslie Cho Fung Yew, Sales Director of Advance
Mok Chan Sing, Project Director of Advance
Chew Tee Kai, Project Director of Advance

Chew Tee Sam, Project Director (Mechanical) of Alpha

Kuan Shong Wei, Project Director (Energy) of Alpha

Group of Companies


Advance Technologies Asia (ATA)

Advance Technologies Asia Sdn. Bhd. (ATA) brings together the combined strengths of its component companies:

  • Advance Industrial Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (AISSB)

  • Alpha M&E Services Sdn. Bhd. (ALPHA)

  • Focus Industrial System Sdn Bhd

ATA was formed as a result of these combined experiences and specialised skills, with the aim of strengthening our position within the industry and enabling us to offer more competitive and versatile services for our clients in the ICT and Energy sectors.

Advance Industrial Solutions

Engineering solutions for telecommunications industry

Formed in 2007, ADVANCE primarily focused on delivering Engineering solutions in the field of telecommunications and energy industries, among other areas. Over the years, ADVANCE is successfully recognised as the approved contractor or strategy partner for several major companies, including Huawei, U-Mobile and Schneider Electric; and is also the sole distributor for Tunnel Sensor Product (UK) in Malaysia. Additionally, ADVANCE is a certified contractor under CIDB and MOF Malaysia. 



  • Project Management and Consultation

  • Wireless, Transmission, Networks and Satellite Equipment Technical Implementation

  • Base Station and Data Centre site construction c/w supply, Fabrication and Installation

  • Technical Site Survey with Reports and Drawings

  • Script Writing, Configuration, Integration, Testing and Commissioning for Telco Equipment

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Alpha M&E Services

Specialisation in Energy and M&E projects

ALPHA was newly founded in order to pursue and excel its specialisation in Energy and M&E projects, which was previously part of AISSB. The company focuses on delivering systems and solutions in Mechanical, Electrical and Energy projects including systems for fire-fighting, building automation, control and automation, energy efficiency and many more. 


  • Project Management and Consultation

  • Energy Audit and Management

  • Solar & Renewable Energy Implementation

  • PLC and SCADA Control System Designing, Upgrading and Retrofitting

  • Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Motor Control and Automation

  • Control and Power System Design and Switchboard Fabrication

  • Fire-fighting and HVAC System Design and Implementation

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