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ATA Sole Distribution from VICONOX

Advanced Industrial, Tunnel Sensors Malaysia Distributor has successfully installed 4 sets of TSL VICONOX-5 -combined visibility and pollution monitors – into the 1,000 meter long dual-bore Menora Tunnel.

Advance Industrial Solutions Sdn Bhd designed and installed a closed loop system to monitor environmental conditions, minimise energy wastage and maximise the operating efficiency of the Menora tunnel. The system incorporated four sets of VICONOX-5 devices, designed to monitor levels of Visibility, Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrous Oxide (NO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Mono Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and Temperature which has been recognized by The Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM). By monitoring pollutants emitted by motor vehicles Advanced Industrial implemented a control mechanism to determine and regulate fan speed within the tunnels.

Speaking about the project, Kevin Ong commented about the VICONOX solution, saying: “This is our first experience working with Tunnel Sensors. Throughout the process we were provided with excellent levels of support and Training. The VICONOX-5 product is well designed, was installed without any problems. By replacing the existing monitoring equipment with VICONOX, we can better control the atmospheric conditions within the tunnel, decrease energy consumption and reduce risk to driver health and safety.”

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